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Think of positive ways you can make this happen.

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So first, what spell are you going to create? Got it? Right Think of positive statements associated with that goal. Write them down, or think of them so hard they store in your brain ready for action.

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Say them out loud, let the universe hear. Now look at what you need to put in the cauldron, or your melting pot of creation. Information about this, confirmation from so and so about that.

Pop them in. Stir in some liquid luck, some hope, and a dollop of positivity. Pour in some water, herbs and flowers, bit of fruit, and pop it over the fire. Light the candle you feel drawn to. Hold the crystals you feel drawn to. And say out loud those positive affirmations again. Some of you may do it for real. Either way you are embracing your own inner power, working with your environment, and using your talents to manifest your own bright brilliant future.

Know that this is positive thinking. Most of all you have nothing to lose by creating a potion, real or otherwise that gives you the belief and faith in yourself that you can do something to make a brighter future for yourself. We either work, study or spend our days planning and hopefully enjoying ourselves. Your real-life cauldron could be a piece of paper, or just the notion that anything is positive if you apply smart thinking and loving logic. I use the word action a lot, or pro-action.

You are very creative currently Scorpio. Use this flow of powerful energy and apply it to the areas in your life that need attention. Happy Spellbinding. I offer you the beautiful Owl, wise, perceptive and all-seeing bird. You need to learn something, again a common theme. But by night…..


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So, the Owl is going to swoop by land on your window ledge and invite you to go hunting with them. There are the elements of being on a spy mission here.

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Think fact finding, research, also like Cancer who drew the Wizard card, think mentor, tutor or advisor. The Owl after all is wise beyond wise, and could easily take on the Wizard in a wisdom contest. Where they are different is, size, and how they move about. Owl rests a lot by day, to be fair I think Wizards do too.

By night they are up and ready for action. Eyes bright, ears alert, aware and wary. They sit there so quietly on their branch, almost unnoticed. Or until they hoot. But they are in control and focussed. This is you. Bright, alert, focussed. Ears so tuned into sounds, sense of smell heightened, nothing will get past you now. In your real world, of course take a moonlight walk, have a little think as you take in the last of the night air. Dreams will aid you, and inspire you for the day. So, work with the energies of the night to give the knowledge for the days. Happy hooting. Capricorn oh I give you the light of the silvery moon, oh the silvery moon!

The Sun heals, energises, and highlights information by day, but on this occasion, you have her husband the moon, talking to you. But they work beautifully as a team, whatever one does by day, they do a handover at dusk and dawn, to ensure as smoother running of our days as possible, and the natural flow of energy and information. Like Sagittarius with their Owl, use the cover of night to go about your business, but be guided by moonlight to steer you into the right direction.

You can go out and moon gaze if you wish, or you can sit in a room, with a journal and record your thoughts, plans and dreams. Try some cosmic ordering, you may surprise yourself at the results. For by making your wishes before you sleep, you are visualizing them as possibilities. You are saying this could happen! Do you have projects that are so near yet so far in completion? One thing you can do is look at how your plans are going now. A review of your plans would be perfect right now. You can do some last-minute alterations, to offset any areas that have gone array. Expect truths, revelations, and light bulb flashes.

When you least expect it, something will happen. So, dream well, use what you learn wisely, work with the laws of attraction, use the waxing of the moon to build your hopes and wishes up. Fancy a party in the woods with the fae folk too Aquarius, for you too are being offered a drink, in a Chalice or glass. Chalice represents something a vessel for something special, the holy grail was said to hold the blood of Christ or a special essence, or the meaning of life.

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This is potentially what you are being offered. The meaning of your life. Right now. Not back then, not in the future.

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But right now. Take drink of this essence, it can be whatever flavour you like. Just look at your positivity levels here. Are you hopeful or hopeless? Opportunities beckon for you. Answers to questions, solutions to problems. To enhance this process, you could get a lovely large wine goblet, and fill it. With what you ask? It could be a liquid coloured with food dye. Within this drop some crystals that catch the light. Clear quartz tumble stones, Citrine, amber, any colour you like. Watch how they catch the light and glint like treasure.

Perfect seeing something grow and shine representing your future. You can be shy Pisces, yet when you grace the room, somehow light it up. This is a week of social activities, small or large. Relationships at all levels will feel the benefit of this new relaxed confident you. Meetings with colleagues, dates casual or oh so important will flow well. Even where you are experiencing difficulties, and perhaps an argument has caused a rift, there may be a way to apply your charm to finding peace.